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Welcome to Ian McCorry's Web Site

Welcome to my website.

I have links to a database of my music collection, a listing of the live gigs I've attended and some very brief book reviews.

There is also a link to my blog site, in case anyone wants to comment on the gig and book assessments, or read about my epic journeys to far flung lands.

The Music Database:
Click this link to access my database. You'll be able to browse, but not to alter anything.

Very short live gig reviews as marks out of 5:
Where I record my totally biased opinions of gigs I've attended, with a simple mark out of 5. If you disagree, or want to comment - go to the blog.

Condensed Book Reviews:
Very brief reviews of the books I've recently read. Again, if you'd like to comment, go to the blog.

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